CIS Firewall install error.

I removed AVG from my laptop and installed Microsoft Security Essentials because I like the way its working on the Missuss’s machine. I attempted to install Comodo Firewall at least 4 times but when it gets to the Installing Kernel Drivers function - it starts rolling back the install and I get an error message: The install ended pre-maturely because of an error. Then another screen opens with the following:

Cannot install Comando Firewall
Error: 1603. Fatal Error during installation.
Would you like to try again? Yes No

I selected yes the first time and it said the machine needed to be re-started. After the second try and the same results, I deleted all the Comando files and re-downloaded the install program, but got the same results when I attempted to install. I am running Windows XP Home SP3. Got any ideas?

If you are having problems installing please follow the instructions here

Please also post the require logs in that topic.



Please bear with me. I downloaded DeBugview.

  1. I do not know how to run it with Administrator priviledges. Also:

  2. In the DebugView menu please select:
    a) menu File → Log to file as… → Log file edit box → select a file (or type a filename) which you will be able to find later Do I make up one?
    b) menu Capture → Capture Win32 This one I found ok
    c) menu Capture → Capture Global Win32 (dont worry if this submenu item does not exist)

  3. Using cmd.exe, run firewall installer with the following parameter: “-log log.txt”. This command will create log.txt file near the firewall installer. Where/How do I do this?

This is where I stopped.

Sorry I cannot help you with this, can you please post your question in the same topic I linked to in my first post.

A member of Staff should help with this if you post in that topic.