CIS Firewall great until...

The update to get around the Windows 10 update.

Since that update, the firewall frequently crashes now (usually the agent) and last night I was forced to completely remove it when it entrenched itself in Windows’ kernel and stopped almost any activity happening through explorer.

I have not yet got the latest RC and I have fresh uninstalled reinstalled the latest certified version, but this app is in danger of going badly downhill.

Are these known issues? I know the agent crashing was a known problem with the post-Windows update ‘updated version’, but it hasn’t fixed for me and other problems have manifested.

I don’t want to stop using CIS - the firewall remains the best one there is on the ever-decreasing personal firewall market.

What version are you experiencing the issue on? What build number of Windows 10 are you running? Is it an insider build? You can try to run this removal tool after uninstalling by right-click run as admin and then reboot when it completes then install comodo again.

Hi, thanks for the reply:

This thread details the version I’m on, itself an update to the updated version of CIS which was developed to combat the Windows 10 update:

I’ve not tried the brand new CIS RC though and am hoping my current clean uninstall/reinstall holds without issues. So far…it has. If I have further issues I’ll update this thread.

I’m on Windows 10 15063-540.