CIS Firewall : erroneous destination/source IPv6 address listed

I noticed an issue/bug in firewall
win7 x64 ultimate (3 pc, same situation)
using IPv6 (that I’ve enabled today on my lan, so I don’t know if this bug is “fresh” or not…)
In the firewall log, and also in “show connection” windows (“Mostra connessioni” as I’m using italian version), for all IPv6 connections, I’ll always see, as source and destination for inbound and outgoing connection, the local IPv6 address of the pc.
(see pic attached, note: public address partially masqueraded for privacy)
Furthermore, by setting rules (for IPv6) in the firewall (which of course I have IPv6 enabled on CIS settings) these have no effect (and no been logged, as ignored…).
Note that doing a netstat all IPv6 connections are correctly listed with their source and destination addresses.

Anyone has noticed similar issue?

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