CIS Firewall Driver in antivirus? [Solved]

Hi, i’m installed on Windows 7 only comodo antivirus from CAV installer (not to be confused with CIS installer), but in my lan card appeared CIS Firewall Driver, what it is and why is it me?

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because the firewall driver is an integral part of the software.

What its purpose, its integral meaning?

Somebody knows? :o

Look, nobody cares, because it’s free software!

Hi alex cold,
Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall are both individual components of CIS.
Is the FW driver required with only AV installs?
I am not sure sorry, but I can understand they are both associated with the full suite.

Not true, as both the full suite and the AV component also have paid versions.

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Hello Guys,

We are always installing FW drivers, because these drivers are required for viruscope (network acitivities detection). :-TU

For your kind attention please.

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Hi BuketB,
Thanks for this information, it is good to know. :-TU

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Now I understand why it is installed, thanks. The question is solved.