CIS Firewall concern.

Well, been so long since I had a concern with Comodo software that I had to re-register, couldn’t locate my old registration info from years back. Anyway, setting up a new computer. A lot of software going on all at once, difficult to troubleshoot problems. Been having internet connectivity issues. Very slow speeds, sometimes no speed at all and I have to re-boot the computer to get it going again. I was pretty sure it was an issue with a VPN that I use (ExpressVPN) and contacted them before coming here. But then I noticed something interesting that made me wonder if it could be something with the firewall. I thought maybe it might ring a bell to someone over here.

Was on the VPN earlier, and then shut it down. An hour later looked at the outgoing connections in CIS, I see about 50 different VPN connections still active. Seeing similar behavior on some other software as well. Almost like these connections are in some unstoppable loop. Anything with the firewall that could be causing something like this?

If it helps, also have Kaspersky Free on the machine. Also use Adguard. Any ideas?