CIS Firewall Blocking Plex channel on Roku2

I am running windows xp and the newest version of CIS firewall. I installed “Plex” as a channel on my Roku2. I can’t figure out how to unblock or change a setting on the firewall to allow the Plex channel to work. When I turn my firewall off, then the channel works fine.
I tried changing the setting on the firewall to “trusted application” but that didn’t work.
I tried to define a new global rule but that failed too.

For those that don’t know; Plex is a channel on Roku that uses your computer as a media server.

I am not a tech guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Is this too easy or too tough a question?
Should I try the “Plex” website help?

I thought there would be an easy way to turn the firewall off for certain applications.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since the forums are largely supported by users, if nobody uses Plex or owns a Roku box, you are unlikely to get any replies.

It may be worthwhile to check the Plex website, because they will likely have the particulars on what is required for Plex to operate.

OK. Thank you for the reply.
I will check with the Plex site. If I figure it out, then I will post the solution here.