CIS firewall blocking all ports [Resolved]

CIS version: 6.0.260739.2674
OS version: Win 7 x32
What you did: I added a new firewall rule to open a port for utorrent
What you expected to happen or see: Even tho i used same settings as in CIS 5 now it’s not working anymore unless i disable the firewall.

It would be helpful if you could post details of your firewall application and global rules.

OK, I found somewhere on this forum :smiley: that network rules are searched from top to bottom so i thought to move my uTorrent rule first and now it’s working again, but it’s still odd because i didn’t add any other rules and in CIS 5 it was working with my rule at bottom of all.

It really depends what you had for Global rules under version 5. In the screen shots you’ve supplied, the final Global rule blocks all inbound connections, other than those specifically allowed. If your inbound utorrent rule was below this originally, it would have caused problems.