CIS firewall and network

Comodo Firewall is driving me balmy. I am running CIS on two private computers with Windows XP home edition. I have used manual configuration to connect the two network nodes and (so long as Comodo is not running) everything connects. Then I start Comodo and go to the Network part of the firewall and set up the network addresses. Exit and nothing connects. Only way to get the system to connect is to stop the firewall. Then the system will connect and communicate again. THEN, I reset the firewall security level back to Safe Mode and it remains connected. No problem then until I shut down. Then the network it will not re-connect.

This is nuts (to quote a certain WW2 US Army comment). There doesn’t seem to be any way to get it to work in Safe Mode.

Any ideas?

If you haven’t done so already, create a New Trusted Network:

Firewall\Common Tasks\Stealth Ports Wizard\Define a New Trusted network Stealth my Ports

Define a new Zone that includes your networks IP address space and click finish. It will create 2 new rules in Global:

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There you go. Easy when you know how. 88)

Many thanks. :slight_smile: