CIS Firewall and Avast Web and Network Shield

I use CIS 6 v. 2860 alongside Avast v. 8.0.1489 everything disabled except for the Web shield and the Network Shield I use as a second layer of protection. I must say Comodo is sensitive enough and always detects first so the web shield is more or less useful. My system runs fine this way, no slowing down or speed problems! My question is about last years problem with Comodo Firewall and the proxy in Avast web shield. Is it fixed? I’m sure it interests all of those who use your firewall only alongside Avast antivirus.

I changed all caps title to more appropriate case. Eric

There have been some posts that indicate it still exists, but if you’re using both applications, it’s an easy thing to test. :wink:

Thanks! I’ve tested by blocking chrome.exe in the Firewall settings. It is blocked. So I guess the problem is fixed by now. :slight_smile:

For some it works for some it don’t. I never saw the ‘official’ fix for this from Comodo or Avast. I guess it sorted itself out somehow if it’s working for you LOL! ;D

Well, I ran a simple test, by blocking application “chrome.exe” in the Comodo Firewall settings. The block is 100%. I don’t know if this test is valid! My main concern is that the Avast web filter may override the Comodo firewall and render its filtering worthless…! :o

If you want to make a test, try blocking IE, this is the best, since the avast webshield use the IE “method”

By blocking IE instead of Chrome, the Google page won’t download but I’ll get a blank page while with chrome I get a clear cut warning it can’t connect. Result is the same, the Comodo FW blocks 100% and avastsvc.exe doesn’t seem to interfere!!!

IMHO I don’t think there is any issue anymore between CFW and Avast!

I have quite the opposite.

The AvastSvc.exe acts as a proxy for anything http, email, ftp, etc… traffic.

I could not make a firewall rule for AvastSvc.exe other than “Trusted Application” because when I browse around, I have to add a rule to “treat as” AvastSvc.exe as a “Browser”.
However If I then check my email, I get popups again, until I “treat as” Email-Client.
Same for FTP application.

I have nothing left than assigning a rule “Trusted Application” for AvastSvc.exe in the firewall config.

The Result = Anything new on my PC that tries to connect outside, is fully allowed by Comodo since it only sees Avastvc.exe connecting outside.

I tried testing it by removing the rules for Firefox and my Email client from the Comodo Firewall config rules, I restarted Firefox and my mail client, and they can all happily connect outside and do whatever they want without any Comodo firewall rule…

→ NOT GOOD !!!

I agree and only solution would be not to use Avast’s web shield at all since even with native Win 7 FW it is the same thing. I made the choice:I’ll use only Comodo CIS suite brand, it’s fantastic on my PC!!! :wink: