CIS Firewall -Allow/Block app that runs from random locations


I’m using Comodo firewall latest version on a Win 7 64 bit PC. Please understand I am visually impaired so I did search for an answer the best I can but couldn’t find anything relevant.

It also took me half an hour to get registered for the forum due to vision and hearing problems. Oh well.

I have a VPN subscription (month by month until this problem is resolved). The supplied drivers and software use an app called rubyw.exe which presumably trusted that needs internet access. The problem is, the app runs from a random location when launchingsuch as…


Because IU have my firewall set as ;custom Ruleset’ which I don’t want to change, I get a firewall popup for rubyw.exe each time I start the VPN software. This is very annoying.

It seems I must provide a fixed path for a file in order to apply an application rule. Selecting rubyw.exe as a running process doesn’t work.

Is there any way I can allow this app? Failing that, the next step is a nasty email to the VPN provider :slight_smile: Nothing about this is on their forums BTW. I thought it made more sense to ask the question here where the Comodo experts live.

Thank You


Hi and welcome to the forum Southp7

To fix this you will have to manually edit the path for the firewall application rule to include a wildcard in place for the part that changes, to do this please follow the below instructions.

[ol]- Open the main CIS interface

  • Click Tasks in the upper-right corner
  • Expand Advanced Tasks in the list and then click Open Advanced Settings
  • A new window should open, in this window there should be a list to the left, expand Security Settings in that list.
  • Still in that list, expand Firewall and then click Application Rules
  • In the application rules you should be able to find the rule you’ve created for the rubyw.exe and then right-click it and click Edit
  • A new window should pop-up, in this window should be a field with Name: next to it, in that field is the path to the file.
  • The part that changes in the file location is [b]\ocrDB1B.tmp[/b] so you’d want to replace this with an asterisk so it looks like [b]\ocr*.tmp[/b] so the whole name should look like C:\Users\PCname\AppData\Local\Temp\ocr*.tmp\bin\rubyw.exe
  • Now click OK in all windows to save the changes.[/ol]

I hope that helps, if you need the instructions in any other format on account on your vision and hearing problems then please explain the format that would best fit you and I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:


Hello Sanya

Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply.

Ahh! Wildcards. How elegant. That did the trick. While I was in application rules, I took the added step to purge all the previous Rubyw.exe entries just to be sure.

Thank you for your welcome and concern with my vision and hearing difficulties. I was able to access your reply with no problems. The only things I have great difficulty with are site security like CAPCHA codes and audio readback of the jumbled text. Once I get past that, I am generally OK provided the site color scheme is not color inversion unfriendly.

I have a few other more curly questions but those can be posted elsewhere in due course :slight_smile:

Thanks again.