CIS Firewall 10 & far too frequent alerts from Avira AntiVir Auto-Updates

I leave one of my 64-bit Windows 7 Pro computers running 24/7 as a local LAN media server. It’s running CIS 10 Free Firewall. My antivirus is Avira Anti-Virus Pro.

I’m seldom in the same room as that machine, but whenever I’m close enough to hear the speakers, I hear dozens and dozens of alert beeps from CIS 10 (it never happened with earlier versions), 98% of which are asking permission to allow Avira to self-update it’s definitions and such. They go on and on and on, even though I always grant permission with the “remember my answer” box always checked!

Upon investigation, I see that these requests always specify a different port number, in the range of about 2600 to about 5500 (none of which are blocked). Is this the reason CIS 10 seems to be ignoring all the times I granted permission previously? Because they were for a different port number?

Otherwise, what can I do to grant permission for EVERY port number Avira Pro might use to update itself? I’ve tried disabling HIPS, but that had no effect.


Make sure the firewall is set to safe mode and not custom ruleset, make sure alert frequency level is set to medium or low, instead of high in firewall settings.