CIS files remain after uninstall, can't delete and unable to re install


I recently had to uninstall CIS and when I did so, the uninstall went to the end and then I got this error message: “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file:C:\Windows\Installer\CSI_Setup_msi.” I’ve tried a number of solutions and none have worked. Comodo is a great program and I’d really like to get it back working on my system. Any help is appreciated.


Hi Lou

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Try this clean up tool for CIS


Hello Jerry

Thanks for the reply. I ran the cleanup tool but I’m still having the same problem. I uninstalled CIS, ran the cleanup tool and tried to delete some leftover Comodo files in the registry but I couldn’t delete them. I got an “Unable to delete all specified values” error message. (they are DeviceDesc files).
Another thing is that when I try to reinstall CIS I get a message that another instance of the program is already installed. It has me stumped.

Try running the clean up tool in Windows safe mode. Then try again. When that doesn’t help clean the registry with Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Auslogics Registry Cleaner. They both find a lot.

The registry keys you see are probably Legacy keys and are a royal pain up the bum to remove. One of our members recommended Registrar Lite v2, not later versions, to take ownership of the Legacy Keys and then delete them.