CIS Feedback

Hello and thank you for accepting me as a member on your forums. Am one of Comodo’s users and supporters. We trust Comodo’s Products to protect our privacy & important data from thiefs.


Comodo Active Process List

Each time I want to check my currently running programs, I use Comodo Active Process List, because it’s more transparent, better, but when I find a process that have started many other processes, I use Windows Task Manager to terminate the “Process tree” since Comodo Active Process List doesn’t have this option. Don’t have to terminate the processes one by one.

Enhanced Protection Mode

When I enable EPM option, VLC Media Player freezes on fullscreen and computer. Forcing me to restart the computer by pressing and holding down the shutdown button. Ctrl Alt Del, doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s just me.

Win: Vista sp2 32-bit

Thank you.

The reason this feature is an option is because it may cause issues on some systems. Obviously your system is one that has issues with it enabled.