CIS failure to find database

After a program crash CIS could not start because it could not find the database. GeekBuddy provided no answer except to reinstall the operating system. Uninstalling and reinstalling CIS did not work. Deleting all the Comodo files on the hard drive did not work. Removing all keys in registry referring to Comodo did.

So if this happens again which registry key refers to the location of the database that could not be found? What is the proper entry for that key?

Can you post a screenshot of the alert?

When doing a clean install you can use this clean up tool after you uninstalled and rebooted. Or use it in Windows Safe Mode.

I was not able to get a screenshot of the error message. The system was not fully loaded when the error occurred. It happens on start up when CIS begins to load. It seems funny to me that the uninstall leaves registry entries that could cause a problem with a re-install. Apparently your testers do not have the ability (or Misfortune) to generate oddball errors like I do. Maybe the person who coded the error message would know.

Can you check this post and tell if that is the error report you saw?

That is exactly the error I saw on startup, however mine appeared after a crash of the version of Divine Divinity and a restart. Is there a Comodo tool that removes the entries in the XP registry left by a program install? If there is one I wish I had known about it. It sure would have been a lot easier than searching it and manually deleting all the keys relating to Comodo. Ronny’s post in the thread you mentioned seemed to hint at one being available.

Do you mean a clean up tool that removes traces of a CIS installation? Or do you mean a registry cleaner?

If you are looking for the first scroll up a bit to one of my posts.