CIS fails to properly load Cistray.exe making Windows XP lock at startup [M2247]

Hallo, need help again
I thought my problems were over ( but NO…
I had to make a clean install of Comodo 10 on 4 desktops with winXP. Two desktops seem to be running ok but the other two have turned into a pain in the neck. They previously got auto-upgraded from 8 to 10 (two weeks ago) and last Wednesday they began to fail to boot. I found TWO Comodo installations in “the list of installed programs”. The one with Comodo 10 installer was uninstalled OK but the other with Comodo 6 installer (left from the older version) was way too resistant for be uninstalled. I applied Revouninstaller and Uninstaller_tool, and Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version.bat - nothing helped. Then it dawned on me to reinstall Comodo 6, that was successful and only after that I managed to properly uninstall Comodo off my desktops.
Next thing I installed Comodo (1010.0.1.6223) antivirus only using a offline installer. The installation over, I rebooted - and then imported the virus bases and then rebooted again and had it updated and upgraded (I guess there was some patch) Then rebooted again - and here my problems began.
Out of like 10 boots I have only 2 successful – and diagnostic tool returns “no probl found” but 8 times of those 10 I get a most odd thing - Cistray.exe looks to be running (so task manager says) but Comodo is not displayed in the tray. Any attempt to run any program - Firefox or CCleaner or task manager (to stop cistray.exe) sets the desktop to freeze that I have to stupidly stop by restart button on system box. If I accidentally get Comodo to load properly after restart and the GUI is possible to open - I again have diagnostic output “no issues” found. I have no idea how to perform diagnostic when the GUI is not loaded…
I have wasted a few hours and literally got headache but have not improved anything. Kinda lottery - will or will not the desktop properly get started next time… Same thing is on two desktops. There is the 5th desktop not properly working that I am scared to touch now… I will not be surprised if my colleagues become angry with me next week.
I have now serious doubts that Comodo 10 will ever be working smooth on obsolete winXP. You have other win7-8-10 to see to. Why not make a un-upgradable Comodo 8 installer for winXP only??? To save you the trouble and to spare our patience. I am also using Linux with Comodo antivirus that has not had upgrades for years on end and still runs perfect.
Am I alone “with my issues”???

Has anybody running Win XP experienced CIS not fully loading after latest update & no network.
Latest CIS April 2017 update fails to fully load Win XP Desktop, Icons load but not all programs load into “Notification Area”
Opening some folders hang with blank page. Some programs will not start, others like MiniToolBox start but stall.
PC works fine with CIS uninstalled, this is happening on at least 2 other Win XP PC’s since the update (29:04:2017).
Downloaded latest CAV & installed, but this includes Comodo Firewall. If I disable the firewall PC appears to boot fully.
PC is very lean minimal programs & clean, has been checked with a multitude of anti malware programs etc.
I have run Memtest 86, 16 passes with no errors.
I can run Win 10 Pro 64 with no problems.

Hi GreySparrowBird,
You are not alone, I have 2 customers PC’s that are exhibiting the same issues, both after update on April 28th & 30 2017.
The 1st one, which is a very lean machine, I uninstalled CIS, PC booted & ran fine, reinstalled CIS twice only to have the same issue. It run fine on the 3rd to 5th boot, fortunately it is on an SSD, so quick to boot. I also tried downloading & running the Anti Virus installer, but it installed the firewall component with the same issues even if you disable the Comodo Firewall part. I will uninstall this & try installing CIS unchecking the Firewall component. I have to get this going as I have quite a few Win XP customers that have CIS on them that probably will upgrade over the next few days.
I will post back if this works. If not I will go looking to find if I have a v8 offline installer, or look elsewhere for an Antivirus & Firewall.
I wish there was a full offline installer to download, this is ridiculous having to download this over & over trying to resolve this. Are you listening Comodo I have several machines to do this on!!!

Hallo Cdatar,
Thanks for your reply. The situation is really odd - I am the same man doing the same things on 4 desktops standing in line BUT two are running fine and two are stumbling at booting.
I did a test on my laptop yesterday (win7-64 professional) and tried to install Comodo 5.8 and 5.10 and 5.12 and Comodo 10 (only the antivirus) My god, whatever I installed, it worked absolutely smooth!!! (Uninstalling had no issues either) Are those two WinXP desktops “enchanted”? I am really at a loss. I am no hi-tech to know specifics of Comodo behavior at booting the OS. So just decided to wait - either I get a hint or the “bad spell” is over on its own.
My best wishes

There is a link to download a offline installer

the link comes from
(the webpage link reads as “” but actually the file was updated and it is 1010.0.1.6223 (less than 70 MB)

Hi GreySparrowBird,
I actually modified my last post just b4 you replied. I am expecting a few more of these Win XP Machines to turn up soon. I have an old Toshiba Laptop with a very old version of Win 7 Home 32bit that has had all sorts of programs installed & deleted over the years & it is running fine. I also have 2 Win Pro 64 Pc’s & a Win10 Pro 64 (upgraded free from Win7) PC that are all fine at the moment. I have seen on this forum that some people with Win7 to Win 10 are having similar problems, so let hope it is the same & it gets resolve quickly.

The Comodo team is doing a great job. I owe it to them. But I also have to admit that winXP is obsolete. No reason to expect that winXP related bugs will be solved quickly (if ever)

PS As for the offline installer for Comodo 8. I have it but it is impossible to stop its uprading. I know there are the settings and if I uncheck upgrades - they will not be automatically downloaded but there still will be a pop-up box reminding of upgrades showing up every day. The careless user presses “yes” - and upgade starts. (I have to do that on a junk desktop used to store simple outdated documents (No Comodo above version 6 is able to be installed there)

Hi GreySparrowBird,
Yes Comodo team do do a great job, but I think they may have missed this one. I just installed the latest CIS but unchecked Firewall, Geekbuddy & Secure Shopping.
On restart I checked the Widget & Firewall is there & enabled, go figure.


Yes, with the latest .6223 update there seems to be an issue on xp.
On several xp machines I maintain, update hung and or bsod> With complete removal, clean install explorer.exe hangs, desktop won’t load.
I asked in the Install / Setup / Config thread and several regulars claim xp is still supported(seems not).

I’m not allowing any xp to update, or just uninstall and move on until I hear more from comodo

I have gone over to Avast with the Windows built in Firewall, but will try Zone Alarm Firewall or Private Firewall 7.0 if ZA FW is no good.

Avast AV with Zone Alarm Firewall seems to work OK, Boots up OK & Internet runs great.

Please run a diagnostic and attach report.

Hallo futuretech, and thanks for replying,
I will make the diagnostic reports tomorrow as I reach those desktops.
True, I should have saved those reports at the rare times when those desktops could be started.
My bad, really.

My best wishes

Hallo again
I have made the diagnostic report of the the 4 desktops today. Comp4 booted the normal way. Comp1-2-3 had to be rebooted like 3 or 4 times before the Comodo icon appeared in the tray. After the normall boot happened, the desktops ran well on and I was able to collect diagnostic reports. But I really have never had these issues of WinXP and Comodo starting (I mean with versions 6-7-8 in about 4 years).

My Comodo Internet Security has never been right since an update a few weeks ago. At the moment I have to start up my PC twice before Comodo starts up. The first time I start my PC, even if I right-click on the Desktop Shortcut and left-click ‘Open’ nothing happens. I have to re-start my PC in order for Comodo to start up.
Why is this ?
Still using Windows XP.

I report the same drawback

Yes, I confirm

I can confirm this. After the last update comodo on win xp is ususable (windows freezes after “Welcome” screen and only wallpaper is visible without start menu, taskbar etc.). Please test this software more carefully before you release new update and don’t waste people’s lifetime for nothing (3 hours in my case when I finally found where is the problem and how to unistall this c**p (not possible in “safe mode”).

Is there a way to revert from to previous revision?

Hallo pmotix
I am not moderator but a new user here.
There was a question of rolling back to version 8 from version 10 on this site. The moderators said it is impossible, but user can make a fresh install of ver 8.
I wanted to do that too, but you cannot block completely the suggestions of upgrade - you will have to see notification boxes every day.

Hi, XP user here having the same problems as others in this thread. Sometimes it boots ok, but other times it hangs and I have to do a hard reboot.

My latest attempt is to not startup the program vkise.exe. This may be locking things up since it doesn’t seem to wait until the network connection is ready before doing whatever it does. So far I’ve had 6 or 7 boots with Comodo 10 starting up normally.

Hallo, all I can say is “Yes and no”
“Yes”, vkise.exe is the process of Comodo Internet Security Essentials. It is automatically installed as part of automatic upgrade from version 8 to version 10 (or if the online installer is used). Internet Security Essentials is not installed if you use a off-line installer.
In all my cases with 5 desktops I used offline installer only. So I cannot uncheck vkise.exe in autostart at boot. (Some people on this site did say that that may be helpful)
“No” - to my mind the problem with Comodo starting happens on computers with winXP with poor hardware. The resources are limited and the tough competition brings on a conflict. I also noticed that network is now discovered with longer delay and if that successful, Comodo can load its GUI (icon in systemtray).

If the Comodo developers care to make the delay for the GUI longer, the antivirus will have better chances to start.
But that is only part of issues - if you uninstall Comodo completely you will find too many Comodo-related entries in the register. All those “cleaun-up tools and uninstallers” are not helpful to clean the register. I did a few checks myself.

If the Comodo team is not interested in adapting CIS to the obsolete WinXP, the users should be warned or the automatic upgrade should be blocked. The fact that my post is left unanswered for days only proves they have no interest.

PS There are no probl with installation-uninstallation-register_corruption-starting_at_boot if CIS is running on Win7 - I checked it out on my laptop with Intel-3 CPU.

Thank you for the information GreySparrowBird. It turns out you are right. After about 10 successful reboots, the computer failed to obtain a network connection and cis did not start.

I’m trying a new setup now, and I’ve got vkise.exe running again since based on your information, that is not the cause of the freeze-ups.

What I am doing now is running cistray.exe and vkise.exe as a scheduled task to be run at startup. Turns out that during the bootup procedure, scheduled tasks are run last.

So in msconfig.exe under the startup tab, I’ve UNCHECKED cistray.exe and vkise.exe. And under the services tab I’ve got “COMODO internet security helper service” and “COMODO Virtual Service manager” CHECKED.

In the control panel - adminitrative tools - services - I’ve got both the “COMODO internet security helper service” and “COMODO Virtual Service manager” set to AUTOMATIC.

I use AUTOMATIC (vs. manual) so the cmdagent.exe (comodo security agent) program starts right away instead of waiting for cistray.exe or cis.exe to start it up.

If it works the way I hope, cmdagent.exe will already be running by the time the scheduled tasks of cistray.exe and vkise.exe are run.

One note - if you try it as a scheduled task, be sure to view the advanced options and uncheck the 72 hour run limit and uncheck the battery options.