CIS fails the PCFlank Leaktest

No matter what settings I have for D+ or the firewall CIS will always fail the PCFlank Leaktest. :frowning:

Configuration - Proactive Security.
AV - Stateful.
Firewall - Safe.
D+ - Safe.

Pass 100%

Something is wrong, perhaps how you answered AV popups, or D+/Firewall popups?



Yeah you only have to slip up once and allow it something and its through the CIS Firewall solo cant contain it and if you remove it from the pending files its free to use other processes to leak and fail the test…

It is not in the pending files and no settings in CIS will stop it. Outpost does stop it.

CIS does STOP it.

How did you deal with the AV popups?


I don’t use the av because it locks up my computer. I’m using Avira instead. The only way I have yet to find how to block this leaktest is to prevent it from ever running in the first place. The real point of this test is to see if your security software leaks, so you really have to let the program load up first. Once loaded CIS will not prevent it from opening IE and it fails. Outpost passed the test.

If you don’t use the AV, you are not running CIS. You are only using the firewall. CIS is the complete package. You might say this is only semantics but it’s not.

I’m running the fw and D+. Should these not be enough to prevent leaks? Also, Avira totally kills the PCFlank Leaktest.

I just tested pc flank.

First off the AV detects it, if I add the exclude I can run it. If I click the start IE button it detects all of the actions.

After that, when I enter the string and hit enter it detects all of that. PC flank says the browser passes that test just fine. Something must be up with your settings.

This is with AV Disabled.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Clarification needed apparantly im not running Comodo AntiVirus only CIS Firewall + Defense+ and running avast! as a standalone AV.
Scenario the pcflankleaktest.exe is removed off the pending list (that list tends to build up FAST), NOT Approved into: My Own Safe Files, this is without the rules from previous tests done.

Setting i got out of the box: (there is no popups)
Network Defense: Safe Mode
Proactive Defense: Clean PC Mode
= Failed Leaktest (I assume its due to everything on the HDD’s is considered safe by CIS, even though the file is doing some rather strange things, seems this setting is a seriously bad choice)

New Settings: (all popups blocked)
Network Defense: Safe Mode
Proactive Defense: Safe Mode
= Test Passed

I think this is a bug, CIS forgets to show a popup for the application, its been happening to me also!

What settings are you using?

The test is dead easy to pass.

Did you have Leak test on your PC, and ever switch to Clean PC mode?
Check that it’s not in your safe files or exclusions.


No exclusions, Nothing pre Approved, Only thing done is i have removed the pcflankleaktest.exe from the “My Pending Files” list, which tends to fill up fast and slow down the firewall performance.

I have firewall in safe and D+ in Clean PC and the AV picks up the download as unclassified malware. I put it in exclusions and click again and allow it to run. I get one popup which I block and then it says I passed.

CIS detects the POC as malware?
Can someone please submit the false positive.

I am proud of myself!

and proud of the firewall too ;0