CIS fails against a script.


CIS 5.12 has been tested by a french tester against a script
watch the result : - YouTube
As you see, CIS completely failed during this.
Also, note that “Shaoran” who was part of french helper already reported it to Comodo a while ago …
If you have any quetions, please feel free to ask the tester.

Please have a look at it

Also, the author is saying in video comments that this script kill also v6 lastest beta ???

OS in the vid is w7 32 bits sp1

If anyone has access to the file can they please PM me a link to a sample of it? I’d really like to test this.

True, but…
Is cmdagent.exe there after restart?
We can not see the complete PH window as he didn’t scroll to the bottom.

The script seemingly only shuts down cfp.exe but cmdagent.exe is still running before reboot. That would mean the protection would still be intact. See attached image.

However after reboot both cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are no longer starting up. I would like to have the script for testing to see what’s going on. I am wondering if the script detection (Do heuristic command-line analysis for certain applications) is working here or not.

Also notice that IE warns this script may not be safe. May be because it is not digitally signed? See second image.

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I tired the original script on windows 7 64 bit and it did nothing.

Where did you get it?

Strange, the script’s author does not want to share it atm … Already contacted, as Siketa said where did you get it ?


Its just impossible !!!

There are only two people with this script, and you do not left this group.

Well tried ^^ :-TD

The script run well on ALL Windows platform…64 or 32 bits…

Use ActiveX its for an simply “way”…Others doors are possible…

Then provide us with the latest script. When you don’t give us the script we will assume your scripts won’t keep up when tested.

Nice try for 2s of fame…

That shows the nature of this script. It is about user consent in the first place.


Fame? With Comodo products…The fame is not my quest…

“Il n’existe pas de forteresse imprenable, mais des attaques mal menées”


Bonne soirée a vous et bon travail.

Why don’t you provide with the script for testing? I am still interested to see how it behaves and if the script check will pick up on it.

Yeah please provide the script for others to test. Well CIS is not 100% security after all. That’s why you should use layered security protection. I saw some exploits bypass it and script now. But one can argue what is bypass and what is infection.

I ran the shaoran script that they originally provided and it did nothing. Unless you provide this script to verify what you claim then I cannot believe you that it does what you say it does. How do we know you did not add the script to the trusted files list or exclude it? You did not show that in your videos.

Can this one bypass the virtualized browser in 2nd beta of V6?

Without the newest version of the script there is no way for Comodo devs to investigate and fix this potential vulnerability.

Please provide the script so everyone can be safer.

Thank you.


Je ne suis pas un menteur, ou un manipulateur, les personnes qui me connaisse vous le diront. Il vous faut voir la liste blanche?

Pas de soucis, puisque vous le prenez comme cela, ce seras la version 6.0 qui seras essayée.

Vous verrez les processus, la liste blanche etc etc…

Comodo depuis la version 4.0 possède 3 failles critiques, non dues au développement, mais a la conception meme du logiciel, bref…Je vous laisse sur vos certitudes.

Ceci seras mon dernier post sur ce forum, puisque l’on est forcemment un mythomane.

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