CIS failed to start, update disappears

In the last couple of days, whenever I booted up, I would be told that CIS was failing to start. So I updated to CIS 10. Now when I restart, there is no indication that CIS is running: I cannot ask to open the interface and nothing shows in task manager.

Help appreciated

Without details I am just assuming. You went from an version 8.x to 10.x. Now your Comodo on your system (Windows ?, ?-bit) does not work.

Have you read this (fixed all my 37 systems which have different Windows)

Make sure to get the right tool depending on your system and follow the guide

To get the latest update, go here and select the proper download (you will the different options when you scroll down

Let us know.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you.

No, I updated to 10 because CIS was not starting one day. That seemed to be OK, but today I have just booted up again and the later version is now not working eitherThe Service is there, it’s just the programme interface that seems to fail.

Windows 7 64 Home Premium.

Would a report help? I asked to show a report, because diagnostics could not automatically fix the problem.

Meantime I will check out that link

Hmmm, I just rebooted and all is “OK” again.

It appears to be intermittent. I switched off overnight and when I rebooted, it failed to start. So I rebooted and it worked OK. So I switched off for maybe an hour, fired it up, and no error message showed.

However, at no stage has CIS showed up in the Taskbar. It used to. I do not know when that started.

check again when the new release comes out today or tomorrow which should fix this issue.

OK thanks. Will do.

I have been checking for updates daily and installed a few. It is still happening.

MODIFY: As you may have gathered, the second part about the update disappearing has gone away…sort of. It’s not in my tray any more. It was before all this.

Honestly your best option would be to uninstall and use the removal tools from this guide and make sure you reboot after the uninstall and using the tools then install using the standalone installer from the release topic.

To the best of my knowledge and ability, I did.I feel I should not have had to. But I guess since I have pbvoisly done something wrong, this is now my fault.

Seems to be OK now after another two goes at the clean uninstall.

Thanks for all the help, guys. I was getting a little frustrated.