cis.exe will not start properly - Windows 10 insider build

I have two laptops running W10 insider builds. One of them has CIS running OK and the other has been having problems for several of the latest builds. I’ve completely removed CIS, including using the ciscleanuptool, and re-installed it. The installation appears to run OK and I was able to get the gui running immediately after.
After further reboots things start to go wrong.
Either cis.exe doesn’t start at all and no cisexe appears in the list of tasks. In this state if I click on the start menu option I can cis.exe appear in the task list and then disappear again.
If cis.exe does start and keep running then the tray does appear on screen but the second task running the alertsUI process I can see on the working machine isn’t there. Asking the tray icon to Open the main gui does not work and if i try to run from the command line nothing happens either.

Digging further and trying a number of different things I have found that if I changed CIS.EXE to run as an administrator it started working. The odd thing about this is that o my other machine CIS.EXE does not have to be set to run as an administrator.

Could it be that the log-in user on the other machine has administrator like credentials?

Both machines should be the same for the logged in user, but thanks for the thought.


Thank you for reporting, we will reach you through Private message to get required information.