CIS error message on startup/boot. How to uninstall?

Started getting this error message/window a week ago. Tried to re-run installer. It reports Comodo is already installed and give option to uninstall. This same error window comes up then.
I am unable to uninstall the program with Add/Remove Programs.
Windows Vista 32bit.

Try this clean up tool.

Does that do the trick for you?

Thank you Eric. I spent almost an hour searching and browsing the forum but saw nothing similar to my problem. The bat file you pointed me to seems to have worked correctly to remove Comodo from my hard drive. Currently, I am re-installing the software and did not get any error.
Thanks again.

Glad it worked out for you. Let us know if you have any more questions.

New installation went smoothly. I ran an AV Scan during the night and updated
definitions this morning. Perfect solution to my troublesome installation.
Life is good ! (:CLP) (:CLP)