CIS Editors Choice

TechSupportAlert & Comodo Security Freeware Is Editor’s Choice

Once again, Another Good review. :-TU :slight_smile:


Thanks Josh.
It is well deserved as well

A short and accurate review in favour of our beloved CIS.


Congratulations on CIS being rated the number 1 64bit Vista firewall. But apparantly not (yet) the top overall firewall. Maybe with the future releases. Are there many free Vista 64 bit firewalls yet?

Yeah, vista been around so long now, of course their are many compatible versions to vista, even the 64 bit.

Nice review the guy who wrote it most be a wise one! +1 to him…

CIS needs to be reviewed more… when that happens we will see awards flying around the place!..hehehe (:WIN)… and ofcourse more people shall see what they have been missing al those years…