CIS downloads 10Mb update file but does not update!!!


Bldy hell. Need some help big time over here. Have been trying to update 3 times (on dial-up)
CIS downloads some 10Mb file (base
*934.cav) into folder x/documents and settings/all users/application data/comodo , but nothing happens afterwards and the file disappears.
CIS still also shows database version .668 in ‘About’ section.
After whille CIS again starts to download the update file, and same thing starts again (well I mean, again nothing happens with the file, the file disappears; and CIS starts to downlaod again)

Very annoying. First time this happens.

ANybody experienced this?



It is very bad that you can not update your virus database, it seems something is wrong with your installation…

Maybe there is something wrong with your installation, have you tried the diagnostic tool?
Otherwise you should consider doing a reinstall…

In this case off line updates could come in handy, that means you go the website, download there the latest database and store somewhere on your pc… than you open CIS and select manual/ off line updates and browse to the database file and update the virus scanner that way…

But this is not possible at the moment… maybe in the future…

I experienced this, and no solution. Finally I blocked COMODO from connect to internet since 10 mb again and again and again on a dial-up is a eternity! Because of this, my main AV is Avira, with CAVS disabled.

thanks for feedback guys, and yes i also already suggested server downloadable virusdef files…
Will try reinstall, but just saw same issue reported by other user in other topic ‘how can you help comodo’



have re-installed and now at update 20Mb file was downloaded and tray message called for restart in order for virus def update to become effective…

So ok now but wish remains to both have downloadable virusdef files as well as frequently updated program file of CIS with virusdefs already incorporated.


Yes, I agree with you that it can be useful to have the user download virus definitions through a website…

I am glad everything is well now… You can either lock this topic by yourself or you can send a personal message to an online moderator to mark this thread as resolved.

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