CIS doesn't upgrade to the newest version

This problem has happened before and I was forced to uninstall the old version and install the new one. I’m checking the about section and I’m on 7098 version, yet I see here on the forums there is a newer version realeased in March. Is that version not rolled out for everyone else? Is it being done in stages, like big Windows updates? Running the updater tells me I’m on the latest version. What can I do to force the update?

Thank you

For whatever reason(s), Comodo hasn’t released the new version through the update channel. It’s available online through the Comodo site, or the offline version is available through the forum. Those are your only options right now I’m afraid

Hey, thank you for taking the time to respond. What are my options here? Can I install over the current version or do I need to uninstall first? I guess I can fresh install after I backup my config and trusted files list.

You can do both, your choice.

Backup the Config and Files as you mentioned and since you’re going up a couple of releases, I would do a Clean Install