CIS does not show the network traffic animation when antivirus is disabled.

I have CIS installed on my machine. I use Panda antivirus and have CIS antivirus disabled, and have the firewall and sandbox enabled. I am noticing a couple of issues.

CIS does not detect that I am using another antivirus and I have an X in the taskbar icon and when the application is opened, it tells me to call tech support to “fix” this problem. The problem is not with me, the problem is with COMODO. Sorry if I am angry…

No network activity is visible when I browse the internet or download files, only an X is displayed in the taskbar icon.

How do I get CIS to hide all antivirus warnings and show the traffic icon again?

Why would someone want to use Comodo’s antivirus when signed malware could accidentally end up in the trusted vendor’s list, bypassing the antivirus completely. What is Comodo’s problem?

I have completely uninstalled and did a custom installation of CIS, choosing only to install the firewall and leaving the antivirus unchecked, yet Comodo still installs the antivirus component and I still get an X in the taskbar even after doing a custom installation.

When the user chooses not to install the antivirus component, Comodo still installs it anyway. And worse, it does not detect if a user already has an antivirus installed.


Comodo, this is unacceptable.

I found a fix to the problem. The user has to go to the Windows control panel, add/remove programs, and change the installation so they can remove the antivirus component completely.