CIS does not recognize chromodo_setup.exe

CIS is displaying a box showing that it does not recognize chromodo_setup.exe which wants to modify a protected registry key. Chromodo is not new to the computer and was not running. The decision box just popped up and wants to know if I want to ALLOW, BLOCK, etc.

Why is chromodo_setup.exe trying to run, and why is it not recognized by CIS?

An update.
The installer wants to run an update to bring it up to v48.12.18.238

Thank you very much for the answer.

I am curious about CIS not recognizing chromodo_setup.exe. It makes me suspicious about the source of chromodo_setup.exe. Since I did not answer the question box about “Allow, Block…”, chromodo_setup.exe apparently uninstalled Chromodo. There is nothing left but the directory name “Chromodo.”

I am also unable to use Dragon from the other computer on my network. Dragon will come up, but it cannot find any pages.

I am wondering how likely it is that an outside program named “chromodo_setup.exe” got into my network, and that is why it was not recognized. Any thoughts?


Hi chetzulu,
Please see the quote below regarding the Dragon issue.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for mentioning the DNS server. I was not aware of that, but I also don’t think I am using it.

After further investigation, it appears that the setup program for Chromodo is named chromodosetup.exe not chromodo_setup.exe. Perhaps that is why chromodo_setup.exe was not recognized–it is not a Comodo program, it is foreign.

I am still working on this.

Thank you,