Why is it that DNS does not catch .exe and block them I’v only been seeing DNS catch php files and other’s? is DNS really catching the malware it should? Why is it not blocking more sites?

I believe it is blocking on a domain level or website level, if reported not safe, not on a specific file or executable…

I rather comodo set it on high. I don’t care if legit cracks get blocked or wares sites. i rather be safe… If i know a site is safe i would disregard the warning what is so hard about that? Others were whining because a keygen site got blocked… 88) 88) 88) 99% of keygens are spyware anyway.

I strongly disagree!

keygen use key steal by keylogger, etc

anyway they are all illegal… 88) 88)

Keygen GENERATES key code from an pattern for a specific program, nothing more, nothing else.
Sure there are SOME exeptions where keygen is infected with malware or does something extra besides it’s only function, but are rare to find. Just because some AV classifies it as spyware/riskware/hacktool etc, does not mean it’s in reality.
Sure it’s illegal in global meaning, but justified when you don’t want to pay huge money to defect product or comply with draconian security measures like for example Ubisoft online DRM.

Regardless of whether you like it or not - breach of copyright or DRM is illegal.

It is a simple concept.

If you can’t afford it, find a more affordable or free alternative.

If you don’t like “draconian security measures like for example Ubisoft online DRM” don’t use applications that employ them.

What if you pay for a product but use a “bypass”?
Sure you only buy a licence to use a product because you don’t own the software itself, but can use the ■■■■■ to be able to play offline since it’s your right to do so.
You payed a software developer and still are restricted in using a program while pirates can enjoy a product without restrictions and no install limitations. Is that fair?
EDIT: Sorry, I realized I started an offtopic discussion, will lay low…

If you’re not sure if an .exe (like keygens) is safe just sandbox it (COMODO/defense/sandbox) however sandboxing patches or cracks disables them. and please everyone knows they are illegal stop going off track and just answer the question. !ot!

BTW, DNS only blocks attack sites, .exe is not a webpage its an executable it needs to be downloaded and since download needs your permission its anti virus’s job to see it the file is ok, not the DNS :a0

I just wanted to let other people with bad eyes like me, know that the word in super bright letters is, Sandbox. :wink:

I could not see that without highlighting it, it was too bright, I am getting old. :smiley: :wink: