CIS Dissapears

This has happened to me a few times now so I thought I would ask. Every once and a while i will turn on the CPU to find that comodo was some how partially uninstalled. Since i left the computer to coot up for a while when i returned about 10 minutes later i noticed that comodo hadn’t started up as well .when I go to click it’s short cut I get a can’t find error message and i have to uninstall what ever’s left. I believe it may have something to do with Comodo system utilities because once i started up i got the the “Comodo system utilities force delete” before you get the log in screen and it said it was deleting a couple thousand files and comodo did not start up when i logged in. out of the 4 or 5 times this happened i only experienced that behavior from CSU once.

I would appreciate a response. I would like this issue solved.

can someone give an explanation.

From what I read it seems that CSU is involved. Are you running an automatic clean up by CSU?

Usually during after every boot up it says comodo system utilities performing force delete. Out of all the times (around 5) CSU has only done this once. I don’t know what triggered the other 4. which is what I am trying to get help with. I have uninstalled CSU.

It sounds like something from CSU is left behind. I would advice to run Autoruns and look for every entry referring to CSU and disable them. Then reboot and see if the alert returns or not.

I checked autoruns and found nothing regarding CSU. the uninstall seemed to have done a good job.