CIS disables itself? [Win7 - tray problem]

hi there,I am running Win 7 Home Premium x86 and I use CIS free, but wait, I just saw its Premium, I didnt sign for Premium, how the…
well, anyway, I saw a bug, when I sometimes click on the tray icons button or “Show hidden icon” (or idk how they call it), and Comodo is not there, why? it happens when I update, and dont restart, but i saw this even without updating?, I just click to open Utorrent, and I see I m unprotected, heres a screenshot, and sorry for the bad english.

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CIS Premium is still free. The free version was renamed to Premium.

Did you try running the installation diagnostic in CIS (under the “More…” tab)?
Possibly reinstalling CIS as well?

“The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with the instalation”
but I’ll reinstall it

Right-click on the tray bar and select to show CIS’ icon always, fixed for you?

Idk, I reinstalled it, but before that Win Action Center asked me to send em a comodo .dll, didnt remember which one, but I checked Ok, and if CIS dissapear again I’ll look for it in task manager, and if its there, but not in the tray, I check show always, thanks :-TU

My CIS icon disappeared from the system tray entirely, and never came back even after an uninstall/reinstall. I got nothing but a second instance of cfp.exe in Task Manager trying to start it from the Start menu and since I can’t run Diagnostics because the window doesn’t appear I uninstalled it and won’t reinstall until a new version comes out.