CIS detects Conficker.B Worm?

Malware Research Group by Jan.19, 2009 says NO

How about today with CIS 3.8 db 986 ?

I’ll see if I can test it :).


Is possible to search a malware name in db ?


Not that I know of (yet)


(:NRD) My observations on this one are.1) The test was 1 month ago when the data base was much smaller than it is today, and 2) this was the old version of Cis, i beleive without heuristics, i think. I would hazard a guess that by now its in the data base, and the new version will detect it, but am prepared to be told otherwise. Anyone out there done any tests to see if this nasty, can be detected now?. Oh, by the way there is a microsoft patch to install that will stop this worm, as it attacks xp machines only and those without the patch.

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Yeah, microsoft could’ve patched this one, but the autorun feature still exist so another conficker could come again.

I’m pretty sure that the conficker is in the database (:m*)


Looking here Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year it does have 2 conficker entries but the names everyone gives them are differant,i personally would like to see some type of uniformity given to naming though it`s not gonna happen!