CIS detects but does not quarantine [SOLVED]

I did a scan with CIS, and it detected a 7 files (It also said “Success” for them all)

However, only three of them were quarantined. The other 4 just said “detect” under action.

How can I set CIS to quarantine those as well? Or delete them for that matter?

I have attached a print/screen picture:

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

Hi moreudomoreuget,

Welcome to the forums!
It did Quarantine everything, if you have a close look to the image it will show that the ‘main’ exe is detected A0111927.exe and ‘inside’ that exe it found 2 others.
If you Quarantine the packed exe A0111927.exe you also ‘include’ the other 2 detections.

So if there is a “|” (pipe) sign in the detection it means it’s ‘inside’ something else (archive, packer, installer etc).

Hi Ronny,

Apologies for the late response, but just wanted to say thank you for explaining this to me. On second look at what you meant, I see the “|” but I wouldn’t have noticed what that meant :slight_smile:

Much Appreciation

Your welcome.