CIS Design

Please, I’d like to see CIS in tabs, seven as follow: SUMMARY, ANTIMALWARE (in place of ANTIVIRUS), FIREWALL, MEMORY FIREWALL, DEFENSE+, (in CIS 4, TIME MACHINE), MISCELLANEOUS.

Please, get out MEMORY FIREWALL from DEFENSE+ section!


I agree with you Joker. See the 3rd pic in this post (green arrow), which depicts something similar to your suggestion.

I think the name “core defense” would be more descriptive than “defense+” (although many users are now accustomed to the name defense+).

For the concept of TABS, see this unfortuate piece of news — the decision was made despite the poll results (100%!). Comodo…please reconsider!

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No, I really like the name defense +! it is brilliant! (just my opinion…)

That’s really a bad decision! COMODO, please reconsider!

It can be more colourful, with more realistic icons and with more visual effects. For example the alerts can appear with fade-in effect. Also, the summury tab can be changed, so when the auto scan is disabled, the green circle becomes red. Same for the tray icon.