CIS Dependencies

Something I just love about CIS is that it seems to have no dependencies, at least in 32 bit XP SP3. I mean, you need no services, no .NET Framework, nothing. It even works on a heavlily slimmed down XP like mine.

Some of my current system facts:

Complete Windows folder size - 313 MB (I could easily reduce it to ≤ 278 MB without affecting CIS’s required environment).

Number of running Windows services - 6, not counting the CIS service.

Number of running Windows processes - 10, not counting the two CIS processes.

All this means that I can keep my system as slim as I want, it still won’t affect CIS, as far as I can tell. Thank you for having this philosophy and please keep it that way. :a0


I must agree with you LA, CIS is just great thanks to it’s independancy. It runs great on my Vlited Vista Ultimate SP1 to :-TU



Running on Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 with no issues at all!! Only one thing!!
How can I lite down my vista??

Hope this helps darcjrt :slight_smile:

Hi Commodus, go check my Ultimate CIS Summary Screen post in CIS GUI wishlist :-TU
Cheers :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

I also have a very slimmed down XP.

Windows XP 32bit OS Size= 150MB!

No Service Pack, Zero Dependencies! And it’s Free. :slight_smile:


But that’s the installation ISO/CD, right?


No dependencies, so why doesn’t cmdagent.exe run in safe mode? (cfp.exe and cavscan.exe do) ???

I know too little about Windows safe mode, but I do know that some drivers (and services?) aren’t loaded. This could explain why cmdagent.exe doesn’t start.


Yes. You still win LA don’t worry! :smiley:

Because CIS is a real time app, cfp.exe & cavscan.exe are only GUI services… cmdagent.exe is the deep core service that powers CIS, and it needs normal mode because it “can’t” be terminated and tries to initialize on safe mode but can’t… It’s just the protection. As LA Said some windows needed services are needed for certain core apps.


Phew! Then I guess you don’t beat my 292 MB Windows folder (all folders & files), or my 220 MB system32 folder (all folders & files) either. ;D Despite this, CIS seems to work just fine. I’d like to sease this moment and keep it forever. :a0


Well I’m in no rush to “beat you” I’m quite happy. :slight_smile: And besides my scanning speed is still faster then yours. :slight_smile:


Better keep the balance, like you’ve done. My OS has a few problems now. (:SHY)