CIS denial of service and other horrible bugs

Serious usage issues with the firewall.

  1. The Comodo firewall half the time acts like some sort of virus. An alert for either the firewall or HIPS will pop up, but ignores all clicks and then goes away as it times out without ever acting on the action I tell it to do. This is without saving the response as well. This means that the application that needed this particular action to continue cannot, even though I specifically clicked “Allow” which was ignored. This is intermittent and does not happen all the time. I can only think that when whatever sort of ridiculous processing the firewall thinks it needs to do is finished, it will then listen to mouse clicks in the alerts again.

  2. Half of the time that I try to bring up the HIPS rules, they are all gone. Sometimes, only some of them are gone and if I exit completely out of the UI and then go back in, some others are gone.

  3. Horribly long time to store any sort of response that I want to make persistent, such as a particular HIPS action or an IP that I want to permanently allow access to. I can count at least 10 seconds between each popup. This is with the configuration being at its bare minimum. So, bringing up GIMP for the first time and wanting only to allow it to access just the plugin exe files that are on first startup, and there are about 50 of them, means I need to wait at least 10 seconds between each click of “Allow” with “save this response” before I can get the next one. This is ridiculous and completely unusable. What is it doing that it has to cause such a long wait to store a new rule?

  4. Any sort of attempt to get into the UI is a very long wait. I have a password on everything, and after clicking enter with the right password, I wait for up to 15 seconds before seeing the UI.

  5. Searches don’t work in either HIPS or firewall rules UI.

All of these horrible horrible problems occur whether with a veteran installation with many updates, or with a fresh install of the Comodo firewall on a very strong i7 laptop. Comodo brings all the machines I have to their knees.

I can’t believe I am the only one struggling with this amateurishly inept programming. Am I?

:-TD :cry: :frowning:

Please include your system specs (hardware and OS), so that proper help can be given. If you are running other security related software, that should also be included.
Thank you.

I am running Comodo on 3 64bit systems I have control over. One of them is Windows 7 Home version, and the other 2 are Windows 7 Professional. The W7 Pro versions have these problems much much more, and I could even say that Windows 7 Home is almost problem free.

I am also running Avast on one Win 7 Pro machine and the Win 7 Home machine, with Comodo Antivirus being the AV on the other machine.