CIS Defense Plus, Firefox and Flash

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a cause of this problem

I’m running CIS on Windows 7 32 bit.

A few weeks ago I upgraded to Adobe Flash Player 10.2 (Firefox plugin).

I then started getting Firefox crashes. Thinking it might be a browser problem I upgraded to FF4 but the problem continued. A roll back to FF3 (using revo uninstall pro to totally remove FF4) did not solve the problem.

As I investigated I found the problem was with pages that had flash content (gmail, facebook and youtube). I tried disabling the Flash Player and the crashes stopped albeit that I| couldn’t view Flash content in FF. Advice on a number of forums suggest that the problem was with the flash player and suggested that I rollback Flash Player to 10.1 or 10.0. These solutions were unsuccessful. I tried using the adobe uninstall program and then re-installed the latest version with the same results.

I was getting incredibly frustrated and, as much as I like chrome, I’ve been using FF/Netscape for years and am very comfortable with it. Some forums did suggest that Antivirus software could cause problems. I started experimenting with various elements of CIS and after a lot of trial and error found that there was some sort of conflict with CIS Defense Plus and FF and Adobe Flash Player.

When I disabled Defense Plus FF stopped crashing when the flash player was enabled. I tried mucking around with various settings including disabling various portions (e.g. Sandbox) but was unable to isolate the problem. Eventually I de-installed CIS using Revo and re-installed and suddenly everything started working as it should.

Glad everything is working fine for you now. In the future, make sure that plugin-container.exe (in Firefox) is allowed connection access through D+ and CFP. This is the file that controls plugin activity in Firefox and could have been what was causing your problem.