CIS defense plus alert and submitting files.

Well i was really wondering about this for some time. When i go on malwaredomainlist or any type of malwaresite to submit files to comodo i usually use the *submit files to comodo through the defense plus alerts… but the thing is it does not feel likes it’s really sending anything to comodo it just to fast to really know for sure… how are the files submitted through the defense plus alerts? i don’t think these files are getting submitted? files that i submitted to comodo through the defense plus alerts are still undetected months later.

The thing thats puts me in the loop is it takes some time to submit files… but when i use the defense plus option in submitting the files they are never detected??? I think comodo should make the *submit files for analysis a bit better with the submissions.

still no answer to this???

Hi kazza5,

I’m sure the developers will reply … eventually

Please provide more information about the system you are using?
What is the OS and platform?
What components of CIS are installed? What version?

I have no problems as you described …

At the same time I’m using the latest v3 Firewall only
on XP Pro 32 bit & win 7 x64

& I’m not going to use any v4 or v5 … etc.

My regards

You may have more success using Web-Interface for Malware and False-Positive Submissions.

When you are into malware hunting you may consider to join the Comodo Malware Research Group.