CIS Defense+ and BOClean

Hi, I cannot stop Defense+ reporting blocked intrusions from Comodo BOclean (BOC426.exe) I have tried adding the exe files and running processes and it tells me its already there. So why does the summary keep telling me its blocked intrusion attempts about 10 times a day when it is in my safe files? Its also a Comodo product so why would it keep reporting this problem. Very frustrating. Surely the summary should be telling me about real events that I need to investigate not clouding the issue with reporting on its own product?

Any advice how I can stop this false reporting or is this a program bug?

Good day,

There is something I can’t understand right, I mean blocked intrusion attempts belongs to the firewall section (it could be that the firewall is blocking boclean from communicating to outside servers for definiton updates for example…) I would suggest you to take a look to the network security policy and see if there is boclean and see if there are some blocking rules applied…

If you really mean you see defense + events listed were you see boclean as being blocked of accessing the memory of CIS, this is normal, because nothing can acces the memory of CIS… (it is hard coded that way…)

If you see other stuff of boclean that is getting blocked of doing somethin, I would suggest try to check the computer security policy and see if there is something listed that is blocking boclean from doing something… you can delete rules, modify them manually or add the complete boclean folder to your trusted files… you can also try putting defense + in training mode for a while or just delete boclean rules and answer alerts manually if you see boclean alerts…

Have a nice day!