CIS default settings?

The CIS default settings are good? or should i mark anything more? like in monitor settings the keyboard etc is not enable.


Set CIS to proactive if you want maximum protection from CIS… =)
But you will get more popups as well… ;D :slight_smile:

Personally I tick every box… But the default setting aren’t bad either if you compare it to many other suites… =O

Ok thanks :wink:

Ah, just out of curiosity which suites? I have used Avira,Kaspersky,and Dr Web Security Space,and the only thing they lacked compared to Comodo was the interminable, insistent,brain blitzing,surf stopping pop-ups.
The default settings reduce that somewhat.
It is a comparative thing.
Lets say “proactive”= an outside temputure of 112 f.
the default settings may=105f.
That is a difference. Maybe even a noticeable difference,but it still too ■■■■ hot.
Monkey,you like all those pop-up’s even though answering them does not make you any more secure than you would be with any of a multitude of other applications that do not require you to do their job for them?
I bet you like to get spanked really hard by a stern mistress.
Definitely some sado-machism going on there!