CIS crashing, blocking internet access

Been using Comodo for 6 months or so with no problem.

A few days ago CIS crashed, wouldn’t restart, and internet access was completely blocked. Figured some file might have gotten corrupted, so I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled the most recent version. With a few hours it did the same thing. So I uninstalled that one too. Using Windows firewall for that past 24 hours.

I’ve liked the program but for now CIS isn’t happening for me. If someone can’t suggest a solution to this problem I’ll have to migrate to a competitor.

I’m running a Dell 760 w/ Win XP Pro SP3, all MS updates installed.

Can you take a look in Windows Event Viewer and see if you can find reports that either cmdagent or cfp.exe did crash? Event Viewer can be found under Control Panel → Administrative Tools.

Sometimes starting the Comodo Internet Security Helper service can help. That can be done under Services (can be found under Control Panel → Administrative Tools).

Thanks for the response. Well, I’ve uninstalled CIS for the time being. I looked in Event Viewer. Under the Applications tab, neither of the files you mentioned were listed. I assume that’s the correct tab to look under, correct? However, in both instances, CIS was frozen. Program wouldn’t respond, and had difficulty releasing it even with Task Manager/ End Process. So I’m assuming that CIS was the problem. At the same time, internet access was blocked. When I uninstalled CIS, I got back network/internet access. I’m currently running on Windows Firewall. As I mentioned, if someone can’t give me a suggestion as to why this happened and how it can be avoided in the future, I’m going to have try another firewall – which would be a pity, since I’ve used CIS for more than a year and have liked it up to now.

You looked at the right place.

What program was causing the CPU load? Cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe? Notice you cannot terminate them from Task Manager unless you made an exception for that.

Did you make recently any changes to your system? Did you recently install another security program that runs in the background? Or a program like Net Limiter or something similar?

Neither of those two programs you mentioned was listed in the log file you directed me to. Nor had I installed any new software on the computer. Moreover, I don’t really understand why this message thread was moved to this sub-forum. The problem occurred many, many months after I had installed CIS and been using it regularly.