CIS crashes; breaks permissions

My problem is especially frustrating: I’ll download a zip of the newest farbrausch demo, for example. CIS will detect it when it’s downloading and flash me a heuristic alert (generally making Firefox freeze for a moment) (And why the /hell/ are files packed with .kkrunchy considered suspicious, anyway?? That’s like considering every .zip file suspicious because it /may/ contain a virus! .kkrunchy is just a compression program!). I’ll ignore it, exclude it, or submit it as a false positive. Then, when I open the zip, CIS will pop up again. I’ll tell it to go away, again. Then I extract the file to my desktop… CIS pops up /again/… Except this time, the window doesn’t ever actually load. It remains a white box that, if I click on, will crash.

That’s annoying enough by itself. But where it really gets awful is that CIS apparently takes exclusive permission of any new file it has to scan (not a bad idea, would prevent nasty stuff from being run before it was scanned)… But when it crashes like this, it doesn’t give me permissions to the file. Even when I restart CIS, it doesn’t remember to give me permissions to the file. Meaning, I have a file which I can’t read, can’t write to, can’t move, can’t delete, and can’t even take ownership of. The only thing I can do is reboot my whole computer, which will make CIS give me permissions to the jammed file.

This has happened four times in the past three days. One time, it jammed a file in use by a download manager, causing /all sorts/ of problems…

OS: Windows 7 Pro x64
Processor: AMD Athlon x2 6000+
CIS: “Internet Security Premium” 4.1.150349.920

I have no files called “crash.dmp” anywhere on my computer. CIS Diagnostics reports no problems, naturally.