CIS Crashed

I’m sorry if this post is in the wrong sub. I quite confused which sub is the correct one, instead I post it here.

I just install CIS for the first time, installation process is smooth. I click to open CIS (advance) from systray, then CIS crashed. I tried to restart, crashed still continue. I decide to uninstall.

here, one of the crashdump, I tried to attached here, but it takes a decade to upload. I used third party instead.


Thanks for reporting. We are working on the fix, which will be released soon.

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thanks for investigated my report, please let me know if the fixed has release, so I can download asap.

Latest beta has a fix for the crash that you can try.

Well that beta doesn’t fix THAT problem BUT i have good news: Beta 6634 seems to work just fine (for the SPECIFIC problem).

same issue here, Just installed clean windows 7 Pro x64, and Comodo crashes at startup…

why comodo never release the previous version while working on a fix ?

are we supposed to stay without protection meanwhile ?

or maybe go see the competition

Have you try a beta version that has been posted here?

No, Beta gives me troubles.

if anyone is interested, here’s a Comodo link : :wink:

the file HASH is :
MD5 : A114B2832C31141DF489A92D996C6D02
SHA-1 : 104D4F6A0F312115C7750AF637603C99F86E3E01
SHA-256 : 32A91144AD2EAC5088B46861C6E303C75A53401AF0EAB12CDC5AC5742B8525E5

Virustotal scan : VirusTotal