CIS Crash

I can’t find the Email address for send it. The report window just open hotmail but no address. :THNK

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Hi, could you describe more detailed your system configuration(OS, CIS version, Other security applications, user account type) and steps which led to the crash.

OS: WinXP Pro SP3
CIS version: 3.5.55810.432
Other security applications: Only CIS
user account type: Administrator

But I don’t know what steps, might be when shut down a memory modify software. (S)

Could you tell the Name and version of that memory modify software, then?

Name: Kingsoft Knight V (Kingsoft Knight NT Memory Manager)

Could you attach just that your tool or give link on one, please, for faster investigation this problem.

Just click here to DL it.
However, only Chinese, okey? Need help translate it?

Sorry, but I can’t download by this link. There is a forwarding to another chines website ( ) and a didn’t find this tool there too. Maybe it happens because of IP zone. Please attach your Kingsoft Knight NT Memory Manager to you post or if it is too large size find some another way for downloading. It may be very important for us take just your version of this software for latest investigation.

Oh, sorry. Please use this link.
And click
DL it. (:WAV)

Oh, it’s ok :slight_smile: I’ve downloaded it and reproduced the crash. Thanks you for message. We will work on it.