CIS crash and Defense+ completely emptied

I’ve had CIS 5.9.221665 crash and it deleted all rules and whitelisted files and such for Defense+ under Computer Security Policy, when it crashed CIS closed and when I reopened it diagnose found nothing wrong, everything was empty in all tabs…I had to reinstall CIS to get it back to normal…happened on 3 pcs, (2)WinXP and (1)Win7, and seems to be able to be reproduced…when you purge and click ok, if you try to make the pc more active during the saving, you can get it to crash

I know there was a post about about this in the bugs but when I uninstalled CIS to reinstall on the 3 pcs I used RevoUninstaller and it deleted the crash dumps so I cant provide the dump :cry:

since this is reproducible then i would recommend filling out a bug report.

I believe for the bug report it’s required you give them a dump file and that wouldn’t help since I don’t have a dump to supply. I think it’s mostly an issue of pcs specs that makes this happen cause on my Win7 Quad-core pc I couldn’t reproduce the issue

is that the only difference in specs is the CPU?

I had the same issue once on XP SP3, and I could not reproduce it too…

The 3 pcs that reproduced the issue are:

  1. WinXP Home SP-3 (32bit), 2gigs ram, Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2GHz (Desktop)
  2. Win7 Prof SP-1 (32bit), 2gigs ram, Pentium M 1.86 GHz (Laptop)
  3. Win XP Prof SP-3 (32bit), 4gigs ram, Pentium 4 2.8GHz (Desktop)

The pc I couldn’t reproduce the issue was:

  1. Win7 Prof SP-1 (64bit), 4gigs ram, Athlon II X4 635 2.9GHz (Desktop)

***It has something to do with making CIS not respond when you modify or purge settings under Computer Security Policy, it will hang to save the changes but you can get it to crash, and then when you reopen CIS it will have all the rules non-existent.

I’ll try it again when I get home to see if I can make it happen again and save the crash dump

getting the dump would be most helpful then the devs can figure out the cause

FFKefka77, if it reproduce on the CIS 5.9, try to do it on the 5.10 version.