CIS could join MRG Flash Tests 2011

MRG Flash Tests 2011

Malware Research Group will begin conducting Flash Tests on Monday January 24th. The list of participants will be finalized in the next 72 hours. We will publish the list of participants as well as the new methodology before the first test is published.



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They most probably won’t. They had a big dispute before because of testing methodology.

This is not a reputable testing organisation, it has it’s origins in SSUpdater which was a ■■■■■ download site. History well documented on Wilders forum if you search.

Hello JamesFrance,

There is no need to start with this controversy again. We all know(except the fanboys) that both sides had its share of responsibility in this conflict and unfortunately it is impossible to reach a compromise between these two companies.


Oxy·mo·ron (ˌɒksɪˈmɔrɒn) - a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness”, “to make haste slowly” or “well documented on Wilders.”

Sorry, can someone tell me about this MRG thing? Why do some people hate them?

Well it is a long story, but this will give you some idea:

Nonsense debunked here:

And in regards to SSupdater or Widers, MRG had stated:

We welcome everyone and anyone here at MRG and dont care where they come from - even if if its Wilders or SSUpdater! We encourage lively debate and want members to be free to express their views - even if they are different to ours. What we dont want is people joining with the sole purpose of causing trouble and it is for this reason that I have banned RedAlert747.

MRG is a legitimate and fully independent testing and research organisation. All the work we do is unpaid and is currently funded by our own businesses. We have never charged any vendor for any service and Im sure they will all confirm this.

But wj32 was really asking about hate. Trolls in Wilders hate a lot. That’s the truth. They hate Comodo as well:

or condemning Matousec as an extortionist!!!

So, this isn’t an issue about MRG and SSupdater, it’s an issue of trolls attempting to poison the well for a new testing organization and they have been doing it for a long time.

Well I wasn’t asking about hate in particular. I’m just confused by this thread, and how exactly their testing methodology, which I know nothing about, is bad.

I see nothing there to change my opinion, as all the links are dead. However I did not realise that Chris MRG had gone public with an identity:

This rather confirms the post here:

Rather strangely the topic from which that post is taken contains an early accusation by Paul Wilders which claims that Languy99 is involved with MRG and so that organisation is biased towards Comodo. Quite wrong of course, but the discussion developed from there.

Interesting to see how Chris/Zorin has quite a history of vendettas under different identities.

I would take a lot of convincing that he is not also Littlebits, astech and retadpuss.

When I was a member of Wilders forum my identity was the same as my name here, in case anyone wonders about that.

I’m getting the impression that you dislike MRG because of their affiliations. Is there anything wrong with their testing methodology?

The conflict began when they claimed that they found a vulnerability in CIS, using their so called financial malware simulator.

I like Comodo and use comodo and don’t care about MRG test but the reaction of Comodo community to this MRG test was immature and too biased. Now you can stone me ;D

Last year there has been a difference of opinions between MRG and Comodo about testing procedures: Why is Comodo not included in MRG test (MERGED)[.

This is funny. :-TU

What is the point posting this MRG ■■■■ ???..OR shall I say wooooooopeeeeeeeeee and lock this thread

I read that thread EricJH linked to, and MRG seems pretty good. What’s with your comment?

ROFLMAO - someone better bring a mop!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Depends whether you prefer the pre-challenge testing methodology or the post-challenge testing methodology. :wink:

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