CIS conflicts with McAfee Enterprise - System Freezes

Thanks to Comodo for the app, I’ve used and recommended it to my friends, family and customers since it came out. Lately, it’s been freezing up the system due to conflicts with McAfee Virus Scan 8.5i. I’ve tried numerous times and reinstalls of different versions of CIS+VSE, but it’s no good. I had to take it out of the system and go back to McAfee Desktop FW Corporate Version. Hope to come back to it, but not until these issues are resolved and a few other additions to the program mentioned below, since I think a lot of users out there would have the same wishes I do.

  1. Make rules and policies “Sortable and moveable, or more easily organized and categorized”
  2. Make predefined policies more user friendly. They should be more self explanatory.
  3. Make the interface/GUI more customizable to the user, even the system tray Icon should be customizable.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the apps. This company rocks.

Hey. I can kinda see what your saying. I get the mc “free” with my expensive broadband bill. But I choose not to use it on my personal machine

It’s a mindset thing, and a hardware thing.

You must have noted how much smaller Comodo’s footrprint was than the mc. That’s the hardware thing.
On my older xp machine, I really appreciate Comodo for that. On the main x2 machine I let the mc run along. It runs 8,9 or 10 processes at all times. But it works fine and no problems (execept for the occasianal false positives, that for $89.99 they will help me solve. lol)

The mindset I think is to become a smarter enduser. And Comodo does assist with that. I don’t think it would be possible to Sort the policy’s and rules more than they are now. We just need to learn where they are and learn how to use them. When I eventually figure out how I can change a rule to my favor it’s alot of fun and I feel less of an enduser. It does take some work, no gettin around it.

And your right. This company does rock. I think I hear Voodoo Chile in the background…