CIS Conflicts with IBM T43 ThinkPad Security & Backup Software, KAV 2009

I have been having trouble with installing CIS 3.12 Build 560 (firewall only, in “Optimum ProActive Defense” mode). I have an IBM T43 ThinkPad, and I am well aware of previous conflicts between Comodo Internet Security 3.5.xx (and earlier versions) with some of the IBM security and backup software (Client Security Solution 8.x and Rescue & Recovery 4.x, respectively. See:;msg169740#msg169740)

I also use Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009, and am well aware of the potential conflicts. However, my previous installation of CIS 3.5.xx and KAV 2009 co-existed well after installing CIS first, then KAV 2009.

I’ve reinstalled CIS 3.12 twice, and also used the custom Comodo Cleanup Utility along with jv16 PowerTools (registry cleaner).

I have tried forum member “fadi’s” solution to no avail. CIS Diagnostics Utility reports problems with the installation, and attempts to repair them. Upon reboot, the system becomes stuck in the endless loop, “Checking the status of the embedded security chip…”.

I then must perform a “hard” power-down and reboot to “Last Known Good Configuration”, which permits me to launch Windows XP Pro (SP3) and reach the desktop. However, CIS still reports errors in the installation. I also lose the ability to boot into Safe Mode when I allow CIS to correct the installation “errors.” Client Security Solution, Rescue & Recovery and KAV 2009 have all been removed, and are awaiting reinstallation once I successfully install and configure CIS 3.12.

I also tried importing my previous custom configuration settings into CIS 3.12 from my previous installation. This contained numerous defined Trusted Applications, including the IBM security and backup software products, and KAV 2009. No go.

Any ideas? Sorry for the looooong post.

It is good to be back here after being on hiatus for a number of months. Best regards to Melih, Ragwing and so many others, too numerous to mention.