CIS conflict with KB972260


After installing Security Update KB972260 on my Win XP Pro SP3 system IE8 stops working. When I start iexplore.exe it shortly comes up - and disappears almost immediately. Same happens when I start IE8 without addons. When i doubleclick a mht-file I get an message which says that passing the request has lead to an errror, and the page isn’t displayed.

I tried to start IE8 after setting CIS into Learning Mode, no avail, same with Firewall and Defense+ switched off. I deinstalled CIS (actual version without Antivirus). Then IE8 starts normally.

Reinstalling CIS brings the problem back. So my personal settings shouldn’t be responsible, as this also happens on a fresh install.

Any help?

Best regards


Hello mumdigau,

can you please post your system details ?
OS Version / Language / SP, 32/64 bit other security software installed etc ?

Did you try to disable Shell Code injections on D+ Image execution ?

Hi Ronny,

Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit German, all actual updates included.
Other security software installed:

  • NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.437.0 Home Edition
  • Spy Sweeper
  • SUPERAntispyware Pro 4.27.100

The test that lead to the conclusion that CIS is the “culprit”: I terminated Spy Sweeper and SUPERAntispyware, deinstalled NOD32 - the problem still exists. I deinstalled CIS, rebooted - IE8 starts normally. Reinstalled CIS, no change of default settings: the problem is back.

Did you try to disable Shell Code injections on D+ Image execution ?

Can you briefly explain what that means and how to do it?

Let me know if you need further details.


Sure just open the GUI, go to Defense+, Advanced, Image Execution Settings.
There is a check mark for “Shell injections” you can disable it, or put IE on the exclusion list (for testing…)
and see if that helps. If not try to uninstall the patch and see if it works again.

If so install the patch again and the problem should be back…

I did so. First I put IE8 on the exclusion list, no avail. Then I unchecked that option, the problem persists. I deinstalled KB972260, rebooted, and voila IE8 starts without any problem. I reinstalled the update (in installation mode), rebooted, and the problem is back, both with the option checked and unchecked.

By the way, IE8 starts OK on my testsystem Win 7 RC 64-bit which has the same security software installed as the Win XP system (of course the 64-bit version of CIS here).

Best regards


Looks like it’s time for a bug report then, can you please post this “diagnostic” and the requested info in here:

I’ll do so. Thanks for help so far.