CIS Configuration won't allow some email - WHY!!!

I obtain my POP email from my ISP however I cannot use the proactive setting if i want to get my email - even if I try using training mode. There seems to be no way to get quick and simple answers - and even if one spends hours fumbling through the forums it is plain that only the Comodo-is-my-life people have the vaguest idea of where to find the screenfulls of text that take several vallium and a quiet evening to absorb.

I also like to play Scrabble online - and the Facebook Scrabble option is denied me when I use any increased protection… The frustrating difficulty of finding a plain English help screen is indescribable. A great product but even with a degree in computing i can’t find my way through the morass of verbiage to straightforward and helpful answers. Even the instructions to use this forum stretch the limits of patience.

As Ronny posted in your other thread, if you can post some details regarding you specific problems, someone may be able to help.

As for not being able to fine help within the product, virtually every dialogue box has an option at the bottom ‘What do these settings do’