CIS configuration info for Belkin Wireless G Router needed

i have a win xp sp3 32 bit with latest updates and CIS 4 latest. i have got a Belkin Wireless G V3 Router. my bro has got win 7 64 bit and CIS 4. win xp is the main machine with internet from a local service provider. 2mbps connection. i want to share the connection with my bro who has win 7.

so i got this router and plugged in and everything got automatically configured in the router. but the net was not working. so i opened the router webpage and found out that the router default is set to dynamic connections and mine is a pppoe connection where i have to log in with a username and a password. so i changed the routers default to pppoe and put in the username and password and in the security option i have selected wpa2 security. everything else default.

now the net is working on both the computers. the problem is that (on both the computers) for few minutes the net is as usual fast and then for few minutes we just get page cannot be displayed and again as usual fast and again page cannot be displayed. this keeps happening.

do i have to make any changes in CIS on both the laptops. on both the laptops CIS is with default settings only few changes. the changes are sandbox disabled and firewall all application the new rule removed.

i want to know few things. when private network connection found appears i usually click ok. but now as i want to share the connection with my bro should i also tick the option allow other computer in the network in the private connection window. i have unticked the default firewall setting this is an ics server. should i also tick this option. should i apply these two settings on my bros laptop too. anyother suggestions by you guyz. its urgent plzz.


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anyone plzz???

I presume from what you posted all you want to do is use the wireless router so both computers can connect to the internet only, not to share files between the two computers.

Please post a screenshot of your firewall logs.


firewall logs - you mean firewall events right? but firewall events is empty. i want to share both internet and files.


Does the same thing happen when you connect both computers with a wired connection?

Since the firewall logs are not logging any events we need other information.

Can you post screenshots of you Global Rules and the rule for svchost.exe?

if i connect the main computer i.e xp without router the net works fine. i dont know how to connect both the computers wired. attached are the screenshots of global rules and svchost.

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If this is a cable connection you need to clone the MAC address in your router. Are you on cable or ADSL?

You can try to disable “Block fragmented IP diagrams”. That can be done under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings–> Advanced (this is for v4). Or for v3.x under Firewall → Advanced → Attack detection settings → Miscellaneous.

To be able to share you need to make your local network trusted. We will us the Stealth Ports Wizard for that.

Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network zones. See if you have a network detected by Comodo which shows something like: IP In 192.168.1.x/ Give it a name like My Local Network. Select the network → Add → A New Address → now add the following addresses:

When there is no network defined like that we will create one. Click Add → A New network zone → give it a name My Local Network → Ok.
Now select the network → Add → A New Address → now add the following addresses:
192.168.1.x/ (use “An IP address mask”; fill in the IP address of your computer)

Open the Stealth Ports Wizard under Firewall → Common Tasks. Choose “Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to EVERYONE else” → Next → choose “I would like to trust an existing My Network Zone” → from the drop down Zone Name choose My Local Network → Finish.

i have already cloned the mac address. i am on cable. i need to make local network trusted so that i can share files or to share net connections too i need to make local network trusted. these configurations should be only on main laptop or both the laptops.


To share files over the local network you need to make the local network trusted.

To share an internet connection with a router it is not necessary to make the local network trusted. Usually making svchost.exe “Outgoing Only” is enough (you can tighten that rule if you like).

thanxx replying. as i said mac add is already cloned and i am having this prob. is it necessary to enable this computer is an ics server (in firewall - alert settings) and is it necessary to enable i would like to be fully accessible to the other pcs in this network {select only to enable file/folder/printer AND/OR INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING [e.g for your home or office networks] (in new private connection detected window)} to share net connections.


Can you show me a screenshot of the firewalll logs of when you have another computer trying to connect to your ICS enabled computer. Firewall logs are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

sorry there were no firewall logs relating to what you asked for. the last and the only date in the logs are 26th march and all the logs are related my test of CLT.exe. now for testing purpose i have removed CIS and installed sunbelt free firewall and avast 5 free. on the main laptop its working fine as of now. tomorrow will see and connect the other laptop and post here the experience. i know sunbelt firewall is not that effective. but just for testing i have installed it. online armor lil bit freezes my laptop, outpost i find its GUI confusing, pctools firewall keeps on initiating on the laptop. CIS is the best on my laptop but i really want to share the connection thats why i bought the router and i dont know whether the prob was coz of CIS or not. thats why testing with sunbelt and avast and after few days will post here.

thanks for helping and guiding me


Just from memory I think the ICS computer needs to allow incoming traffic on UDP port 68 coming from UDP port 67 for svchost.exe.