CIS Complete settings

Chiron I read your guide very insightful and helpful. I have followed your setup and have a few questions.

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If I’m not on a network just connected through a modem & router to the net I do not need to enable Protect the ARP Cache & Block Gratuitous ARP Frames right?

Do I need to enable Do protocol analysis? (Does it slow the system or surf speed?)
Do I also need to enable Block Fragmented IP datagrams (Does it slow the system or surf speed?)

Also it seems if I want to use the capability of the cloud scanner languy99 said you need to click run a scan and create a drive/folder/file you want to scan to enable it’s feature. I don’t think we can just click normal scan to get it to use the cloud. Might want to make sure bro thanks.

In Defense+ settings should I enable adaptive mode under low system resources?

Just needed a bit more info on them & also to make sure. Thanks for the guide.

i think this can help you with all your questions

No, it shouldn’t be necessary to enable these.

Sometimes these do affect your surf speed. What I would advise is for you to go ahead and block them and see what affect this has. If you don’t even notice the difference then keep them checked to slightly increase your security. If there’s a loss of speed then I’d advise unchecking them.

I think it would work the way that I advise, but I’ll check just to be sure.

Unless you’re having problems I see no problems with leaving it checked.

Chiron enabling those 2 options I don’t see any adverse effects to my net speed or system performance so leaving it enabled.

One more question
In the antivirus category should I enable (Real-Time Scanning) On Access scanning or Stateful?

Unsure as to which would be better protection. I’m guessing On Access might slow application boot when you 1st start them as it needs to be scanned before running. Which would you suggest?

If stateful is good enough I have no issues switching ;D


Read about Enable adaptive mode under low system resources
Link: General Setting | Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10

Enable adaptive mode under low system resources - Very rarely (and only in a heavily loaded system), low memory conditions might cause certain CIS functions to fail. With this option enabled, CIS will attempt to locate and utilize memory using adaptive techniques so that it can complete its pending tasks. However, the cost of enabling this option may be reduced performance in even lightly loaded systems (Default = Disabled).

It would seem this feature should be turned on if a system is heavy on resources. I have 8GB RAM and never fully utilize it so I think disabling this feature would be best. Might want to alert some people of this feature if they don’t need to turn it on :wink:

For some reason mine was on by default eventhough the guide says Default = Disabled. Maybe because I enabled proactive protection.

Also how is the cloud scanning coming along. Did you get any information on how to properly activate it?

Watch the languy99 video from 30:41min to see what I mean
Link: Comodo 5.9 Preview - YouTube

If this is how it is currently working hope they integrate the feature so when I just click scan now it uses the cloud then having to add the drive/folder/file to make it work.