CIS complete removal tool for CIS10

Hi folks!

Is there a way to completely remove CIS 10 from a PC (Window 7 system)?

I see related topic

has not been updated in years.

I got a 2014 script from GeekBuddy for Comodo / nice support person but it still leaves registry entries related to Comodo.

I’d like to have a clean reinstall (offline) but having trouble finding a good set of guidelines on how to remove Comodo.

(Note: I cannot uninstall from Control Panel - it’s not there due to some errors which are irrelevant for this topic; and when I did successfully uninstall using Control Panel, I still saw registry entries left behind)


Hi justin_smith,

Have you had a look at this topic for an official CIS uninstaller :-

Thanks! I swear I googled for it and tried to browse Comodo site but could not find it anywhere! Would be great if a link was somewhere in resources section or downloads somewhere.

Well it is referenced in the top two sticky topics of this board and is also a sticky topic in the news/announcement section.
If you can not uninstall Comodo, please read this
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems